Using a grabage bag when you pee?



A friend of mine sent me this story and I thought I’d pass it along. It’s an interesting tutorial on how to use a trash bag to keep from peeing all over yourself in your wedding dress. Come on – you know it’s a possibility. The dress is huge and you have to pee. It’s either someone comes in and holds everything together for you or you get a little on there. Here’s a cheap (and funny) way to pee safely.

Oh, and Happy Labor Day!


Rainy day hairstyles


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With hot, humid, and rainy weather being a culprit for ruining hairstyles, I reached out to friend Leslie Greene – instructor at Int’l Dermal Institute/Dermalogica and Owner-Operator at Leslie Greene, freelance hair spa out of Reston, VA – for her thoughts on how she handles these challenges.

Leslie was kind enough to explain how important it is to ensure that hair doesn’t frizz due to rain, humidity and sweat. Here’s Leslie’s ideas for either doing your own hair or having your stylist prepare your style.

Building (your style) like a house, with a great foundation is key. That means preparing the hair properly. Using a light-medium hold but NON-sticky styling spray before making the curls helps tons, then letting the hot curls set (cool) while still in original shape gets curls that last and are the ideal preparation for a lasting, frizz-free ‘do.

Leslie - rainy day hair ideas 1


Now, having this foundation also allows you to use very little “strong hold” hairspray… Brides and attendants want bottles of hairspray on their hairstyles, but that actually ruins the style buying weighing it down, making it look icky, stealing the hair’s natural shine, and dammit when you sweat (or there’s humidity) it melts sticky gross gunk all over your face and neck and back and that feels awful and can lead to breakouts on those areas. So the best thing is to finish the style with a light-medium misting of strong hold spray – and not up close to the style – hold it about arm’s length away. Up close the aerosol is too concentrated and can shoot globs of hairspray. Also I recommend up-dos rather than down-dos if you’re concerned with frizzing out or the style not lasting. I also recommend soft, wispy, romantic styles rather than slick, tight styles… They’re more modern and less fussy, so they show much less “disaster” from humidity. And dammit they have so much character!!


Braids are pretty great options too! They can really add a ton of character to an updo or down’do. Definitely more younger girls and bridesmaids request them to help keep the hair off their faces but still be styled, not just pulled back. 

Leslie braid hair idea

If you’re going to work with a pro, having a few pictures of style inspiration is great, but I definitely don’t recommend expecting an exact replica. Pros are creative and want to make a special hairdo for each special person. Pretty much anytime Jessica Alba is photographed with a bobby pin in her hair, it becomes a big hit for special occasion hair! Reese Witherspoon is also a popular inspiration.

Leslie hair idea down braid


Thank you Leslie for your help with this post! If you have any questions or would like to contact Leslie, let us know!

Do you do vintage?

When my husband and I went to look at wedding bands, our jeweler spoke to us about engagement rings. We decided to buy our house rather than an engagement ring (the idea is to get the ring maybe at our five year anniversary) and I wanted to get a wedding band that was simple, but had a little bit of “oomph” since it’s all I’ll be wearing for a while. 

vintage ring 1


I also wanted to make sure the ring was simple enough that it would go with whatever engagement ring I decided to choose down the road. There were a few really nice vintage rings that I tried on, as well as some newer, trendier styles, but to be honest, my favorite style has always been just the classic solitaire round cut. 

round solitare

The jeweler pointed out that it’s very easy to tell when a couple got engaged by the style of the ring and that you’re better off getting a classic cut. 

vintage ring 2
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I think you should get whatever you want, but I could see her point.

vintage ring 3

So is vintage for you? Or do you prefer a classic cut? Maybe you’re into what’s new? Tell us what you think! 

Donate your Dress

A while back I wrote about why you should donate your wedding flowers, so now I will follow up with why you should donate your wedding dress.

Except I’m being a little biased this time.

Brides Across America

A friend of mine posted about this non-profit organization called Brides Across America and I knew it was something I needed to share with all of you out there. Brides Across America helps military couples have the wedding of their dreams by accepting either cash or lightly used items to donate to a deserving bride.

An excerpt from the site reads:

Military Brides don’t always get their dream wedding.
Some brides have to give up their wedding due to their fiancées
getting deployed quickly.  In other cases, brides have a civil ceremony and then await years for their fiancée to return home to finally have their wedding day.  Heidi wants to make a difference by giving those in need the and help those troops that are fighting for our country get the wedding they deserve.

Check out their site for more details on how to make a military wedding dream come true. And if you go there now, you’ll see that the featured wedding of the month is from Manassas, VA!

Honoring those who have passed



In most wedding albums, you’ll see the traditional mother/son-father/daughter first dance photo, or that touching photo of the father walking his daughter down the aisle. Unfortunately, not everyone has their parents around for their wedding, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be included.

pic of parents on heel

Incorporating loved ones into your wedding who are no longer with us can be done in a classy and happy way – it is your wedding day after all! Having them with you is a great way to celebrate!

pic of parents on bouquet

I attended a wedding a few years back where the first three seats in the church held photos of the bride’s father and grandmother, and one seat held the photo of the groom’s grandfather.

Have you attended a wedding where a tribute was made to a loved one who has passed on?

Picking a wedding dress for your shape


OK – so this is a cheat post. I’m not feeling well today and I peeled myself off the couch to bring you something worth reading – especially since this is an important topic that NEEDS to be addressed.

I’ve seen so many people try to pick a dress that doesn’t suit their body type. We are women – we come in all shapes and sizes, and we need to work with what we’ve got, am I right?

And what exactly is your body type? Although the picture below doesn’t represent all women perfectly, it can give you a guideline.

body type choosing a dress

This article gave a pretty large variety of options (and was the inspiration for this post) for women of different shapes and sizes to choose from.

I tend to do best in A-line type dresses and skirts. What about you?

Re-learning how to write



I have terrible handwriting.

So the idea of writing any kind of invitation or even just the address on an envelope? It’s just not my forte. I’d rather type it up or find someone with lovely hand writing to beg (and maybe even bribe) them to do it for me.

It wasn’t always that bad, but my career began as a journalist and I honestly think that’s where I lost all ability to write neatly. I was constantly scribbling quotes and scenarios in my notebook and by the end, it looked like something a 4 year old would write. Somehow, I was able to decipher my mess, but I doubt anyone else would be as lucky.

handwriting tips 1


And let’s face it – we live in the age of technology. No one has to “write” things anymore unless you’re making a list or doing things for yourself (like taking notes that will eventually be typed out into something comprehendible or written for your eyes only.) So when I came across this site, I knew it was something I should share.

Because I know I need it – and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

There are many other sources out there to help improve your handwriting. This one shows techniques, and this NY Times article takes it back to basics.

Do you have any handwriting tips to pass along? Let us know!

Cute wedding favors



Of all the weddings I’ve been in/to in the last 15 years (my first big wedding was my sister’s when I was 16 – I was the maid of honor) I only remember two wedding favors – both from my husband’s best friend’s weddings.

One of the weddings offered small jars of honey as their favors. Being that the bride’s father is a honeybee farmer, they used his homemade honey and added the labels “Meant to Bee” with their names and wedding date.

honey favor


Was it a new concept? No, but I still remember that detail of their wedding. And, I was able to take home about five jars of their homemade honey (they had plenty left over!) which was great because I love to bake and cook with honey.

His college best friend was married a few years before that, and they had these really cute cookie cutters with a recipe attached as their favors. You can see it below (I still have it!)


The best part? The two wedding favors I remember the most were probably some of the least expensive to provide! And the fact that I still have this cookie cutter and recipe, I think, speaks volumes.

Have you been to a wedding where a wedding favor stood out to you? Let us know!

Dressing up your bridal shower



How cute are these?

wedding dress cookies


Picture planning a bridal shower with cookies shaped as wedding dresses – you can either use the design of the dress the bride will be wearing or you can just make different kids, like the ones I’ve shown.

wedding dress cookies 2


If you wanted to be extra fancy you could throw in bridesmaid dresses too. That way you can incorporate the wedding party’s colors as a theme to the shower. Or, you can use those bridesmaid shaped cookie – as the bride to be – to ask if they will stand with you on your special day.



How did you ask your bridal party to be a part of your wedding? Leave a comment below to let us know!

Bridal shower gifts–Recipe box


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I love to cook and thankfully, my husband does as well. But I know many couples out there who have no idea how to put a meal together, no matter how hard they try. That’s why I love the idea of recipe ideas from the heart as part of a bridal shower gift for you bride. (How cute are these cards?)

Recipe card


I know many people are worried about giving gifts that aren’t on the registry, but I am pretty sure your bride won’t mind. Personalized gifts are always the ones that make the most impression, especially something like a recipe book made by all of those important people in your life.

Recipe card frosting


Bridesmaids and Maids of Honors – keep this idea in mind for the future!

Grab the list of those who are invited to the wedding – you might want to collaborate with Mom/Dad/guardian of the bride to get the most accurate list for a gift like this.

Send a recipe card to those closest to the bride and ask them to provide their most favorite, most reliable, easiest weeknight dinner – you get the picture – and send it back within a specific date. When you receive the recipes, buy a nice recipe box, categorize, and viola! A wonderfully personalized gift for your bride that has a little something from everyone she feels to be important.

recipe box


Even if she’s already a wonderful cook, why not? I have at least one friend and/or family member with a recipe I would love to add to my collection!