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Decorating for your wedding doesn’t have to cost a fortune—just a little planning, time, and a whole lot of wine! Here’s one idea on how to turn an empty wine bottle from old glass into wedding class.

lighted wine bottles

Difficulty: Medium
Steps: 7


    • Wine bottle
    • Light string
    • Drill
    • ½” glass-hole cutter drill bit
    • Safety glasses
    • Pam cooking spray
    • Cork (optional)


    1. Wash bottle; remove labels.
    2. Attach ½” glasscutter bit to drill.
    3. Lubricate the drill bit with Pam cooking spray.
    4. Put on safety glasses
    5. Drill a hole on the side of the wine bottle about 1/2-1” up from the base. Drill slowly without putting too much pressure on the glass. This could take 5 or more minutes. If there is a defect in the bottle, it might crack, so be sure to have a few extra bottles on hand.
    6. Wash and dry wine bottle to remove glass shards.
    7. Feed light string through the drilled hole and into the wine bottle.
    8. Optional: Top wine bottle with cork, if desired.