I have a good friend who has been single for a very long time. She’s been in and to about 10 weddings in the past five years. She got harassed at most of those weddings about being single, and since one of those weddings was her sister’s, one a cousin, and another a close family friend, she was really feeling the heat.

At first, she said she was really offended and it made her depressed and down on herself. How could it not? The focus went from the bride and groom to her being habitually single. But she said after the third or fourth wedding, she decided to make it a game. These are her tips on beating the single girl wedding day blues.

1. Bring a date of the sex that you are not interested in. Meaning, if you’re gay guy, bring a good girl friend, etc. I am straight, so I started bringing the same close girl friend. I had so much more fun with a girl friend than I ever would have had with a random guy friend (no pressure) and the two of us spent a lot of time cracking jokes about the groom’s goofy brother or the bride’s drunk uncle.

2. Tell crazy stories. I knew I would be a focus of conversation, so I made sure to have a plan of what to say when someone asked about my relationship status. I came up with the most ridiculous stories about having too many cats or liking to lick frozen flag poles. Trust me, it didn’t take long for those single people haters to leave me alone.

3. Find someone to take the focus off of you. This might sound mean, but I actually find other single people to point out that would take the focus off of me. Hopefully they were as prepared as I was. Hey, tough times call for tough measures. In times like these, it’s every man for himself.

4. Seek out the other single people (to make friends with) I actually made friends with a couple of single people at some of these weddings. One of them turned into a date. It didn’t work out, but hey, it made for a much better evening.

5. Have a sense of humor. I realize my humor is somewhat sick and crazy, but it’s what worked for me. And it’s probably why I’m still single…


How about you? What kind of things have you done to survive being the habitual single person at a series of weddings?