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Hot topic alert! I’m seeing this question pop up everywhere and if I wasn’t dealing with going back to work full time with an infant (she’s four months old now!) I would have jumped all over this when I first heard about it.

Would you be OK with splitting the cost of your engagement ring?

Let me explain something – my husband and I are NOT traditional in many ways. We bought a house first. We eloped. We did not buy an engagement ring – we bought bands and he proposed to me with my mother’s engagement ring. These were our choices. Eventually, I will get the ring I want – but seeing as we’re already married, I will technically be paying for half of it since his money is our money.

I will say that he would not have expected me to, nor would he have wanted me to, pay for any part of the ring if we had done things differently.

However, many people have been voicing their opinions on the topic, saying it’s ridiculous to split the cost of their engagement ring.

As I said, I think every scenario is different.

What do you think?