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With hot, humid, and rainy weather being a culprit for ruining hairstyles, I reached out to friend Leslie Greene – instructor at Int’l Dermal Institute/Dermalogica and Owner-Operator at Leslie Greene, freelance hair spa out of Reston, VA – for her thoughts on how she handles these challenges.

Leslie was kind enough to explain how important it is to ensure that hair doesn’t frizz due to rain, humidity and sweat. Here’s Leslie’s ideas for either doing your own hair or having your stylist prepare your style.

Building (your style) like a house, with a great foundation is key. That means preparing the hair properly. Using a light-medium hold but NON-sticky styling spray before making the curls helps tons, then letting the hot curls set (cool) while still in original shape gets curls that last and are the ideal preparation for a lasting, frizz-free ‘do.

Leslie - rainy day hair ideas 1


Now, having this foundation also allows you to use very little “strong hold” hairspray… Brides and attendants want bottles of hairspray on their hairstyles, but that actually ruins the style buying weighing it down, making it look icky, stealing the hair’s natural shine, and dammit when you sweat (or there’s humidity) it melts sticky gross gunk all over your face and neck and back and that feels awful and can lead to breakouts on those areas. So the best thing is to finish the style with a light-medium misting of strong hold spray – and not up close to the style – hold it about arm’s length away. Up close the aerosol is too concentrated and can shoot globs of hairspray. Also I recommend up-dos rather than down-dos if you’re concerned with frizzing out or the style not lasting. I also recommend soft, wispy, romantic styles rather than slick, tight styles… They’re more modern and less fussy, so they show much less “disaster” from humidity. And dammit they have so much character!!


Braids are pretty great options too! They can really add a ton of character to an updo or down’do. Definitely more younger girls and bridesmaids request them to help keep the hair off their faces but still be styled, not just pulled back. 

Leslie braid hair idea

If you’re going to work with a pro, having a few pictures of style inspiration is great, but I definitely don’t recommend expecting an exact replica. Pros are creative and want to make a special hairdo for each special person. Pretty much anytime Jessica Alba is photographed with a bobby pin in her hair, it becomes a big hit for special occasion hair! Reese Witherspoon is also a popular inspiration.

Leslie hair idea down braid


Thank you Leslie for your help with this post! If you have any questions or would like to contact Leslie, let us know!