When my husband and I went to look at wedding bands, our jeweler spoke to us about engagement rings. We decided to buy our house rather than an engagement ring (the idea is to get the ring maybe at our five year anniversary) and I wanted to get a wedding band that was simple, but had a little bit of “oomph” since it’s all I’ll be wearing for a while. 

vintage ring 1


I also wanted to make sure the ring was simple enough that it would go with whatever engagement ring I decided to choose down the road. There were a few really nice vintage rings that I tried on, as well as some newer, trendier styles, but to be honest, my favorite style has always been just the classic solitaire round cut. 

round solitare

The jeweler pointed out that it’s very easy to tell when a couple got engaged by the style of the ring and that you’re better off getting a classic cut. 

vintage ring 2
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I think you should get whatever you want, but I could see her point.

vintage ring 3

So is vintage for you? Or do you prefer a classic cut? Maybe you’re into what’s new? Tell us what you think!