A while back I wrote about why you should donate your wedding flowers, so now I will follow up with why you should donate your wedding dress.

Except I’m being a little biased this time.

Brides Across America

A friend of mine posted about this non-profit organization called Brides Across America and I knew it was something I needed to share with all of you out there. Brides Across America helps military couples have the wedding of their dreams by accepting either cash or lightly used items to donate to a deserving bride.

An excerpt from the site reads:

Military Brides don’t always get their dream wedding.
Some brides have to give up their wedding due to their fiancées
getting deployed quickly.  In other cases, brides have a civil ceremony and then await years for their fiancée to return home to finally have their wedding day.  Heidi wants to make a difference by giving those in need the and help those troops that are fighting for our country get the wedding they deserve.

Check out their site for more details on how to make a military wedding dream come true. And if you go there now, you’ll see that the featured wedding of the month is from Manassas, VA!