I have terrible handwriting.

So the idea of writing any kind of invitation or even just the address on an envelope? It’s just not my forte. I’d rather type it up or find someone with lovely hand writing to beg (and maybe even bribe) them to do it for me.

It wasn’t always that bad, but my career began as a journalist and I honestly think that’s where I lost all ability to write neatly. I was constantly scribbling quotes and scenarios in my notebook and by the end, it looked like something a 4 year old would write. Somehow, I was able to decipher my mess, but I doubt anyone else would be as lucky.

handwriting tips 1


And let’s face it – we live in the age of technology. No one has to “write” things anymore unless you’re making a list or doing things for yourself (like taking notes that will eventually be typed out into something comprehendible or written for your eyes only.) So when I came across this site, I knew it was something I should share.

Because I know I need it – and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

There are many other sources out there to help improve your handwriting. This one shows techniques, and this NY Times article takes it back to basics.

Do you have any handwriting tips to pass along? Let us know!