Of all the weddings I’ve been in/to in the last 15 years (my first big wedding was my sister’s when I was 16 – I was the maid of honor) I only remember two wedding favors – both from my husband’s best friend’s weddings.

One of the weddings offered small jars of honey as their favors. Being that the bride’s father is a honeybee farmer, they used his homemade honey and added the labels “Meant to Bee” with their names and wedding date.

honey favor


Was it a new concept? No, but I still remember that detail of their wedding. And, I was able to take home about five jars of their homemade honey (they had plenty left over!) which was great because I love to bake and cook with honey.

His college best friend was married a few years before that, and they had these really cute cookie cutters with a recipe attached as their favors. You can see it below (I still have it!)


The best part? The two wedding favors I remember the most were probably some of the least expensive to provide! And the fact that I still have this cookie cutter and recipe, I think, speaks volumes.

Have you been to a wedding where a wedding favor stood out to you? Let us know!