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I love to cook and thankfully, my husband does as well. But I know many couples out there who have no idea how to put a meal together, no matter how hard they try. That’s why I love the idea of recipe ideas from the heart as part of a bridal shower gift for you bride. (How cute are these cards?)

Recipe card


I know many people are worried about giving gifts that aren’t on the registry, but I am pretty sure your bride won’t mind. Personalized gifts are always the ones that make the most impression, especially something like a recipe book made by all of those important people in your life.

Recipe card frosting


Bridesmaids and Maids of Honors – keep this idea in mind for the future!

Grab the list of those who are invited to the wedding – you might want to collaborate with Mom/Dad/guardian of the bride to get the most accurate list for a gift like this.

Send a recipe card to those closest to the bride and ask them to provide their most favorite, most reliable, easiest weeknight dinner – you get the picture – and send it back within a specific date. When you receive the recipes, buy a nice recipe box, categorize, and viola! A wonderfully personalized gift for your bride that has a little something from everyone she feels to be important.

recipe box


Even if she’s already a wonderful cook, why not? I have at least one friend and/or family member with a recipe I would love to add to my collection!