It’s spring, and along with those pesky allergies come some amazing spring flowers. Aside from Lilies, which I think might be my all time favorite, I really love tulips.

I was going through old photos and came across pictures from our junior/senior formal in college. I went with my two best girl friends and when we showed up to our hotel room, we saw that our dates had surprised us with tulips that matched our dresses. I laughed as I scrolled through all of the “before” shots of us holding our prized bouquets. I was wearing pale blue, and the others were wearing purple and white.

After spending another half hour going through the rest of the photos from the evening it triggered the idea of this post.  

tulip bridesmaids


white tulips bride


Tulip name holders


Above is a place holder made of tulips, which I thought was another cute way to incorporate them into your décor if desired.

wedding cake tulips


tulip centerpiece


Do you like tulips? They are such a versatile flower in my opinion – especially if you’re having a spring wedding.