What happened to the address book? You know, the one you actually wrote with your hand, every address and phone number you knew so you can keep things organized?

When I was a kid, I remember my mom’s address book – it was a tan leather book that was FULL of names, addresses, phone numbers and other notes. All the entries were written in pencil in case of a move or phone number change, although back then I feel like no one ever moved or changed phone numbers.

address book


I did a Google search for Address Book, and 95% of the photos that popped up included some kind of spreadsheet. My how times have changed.

That made me realize that not only am I way behind on the times (I just have a bunch of envelopes with return addresses stuffed in a folder) but that this would be a good time to talk mailing list organization. This will also help you when you want to send out Thank You cards and your eventual family holiday photos.

This site will show you exactly how to use Excel to create a mailing list.

Yes, it’s from Microsoft Office but I figured I’d make it easy for you.

You’re welcome.

How do you keep your addresses organized?