When I say wedding diet, I don’t mean one particular diet that every girl needs to follow before the big day. I mean, dieting overall for your wedding day. Women want to look their best at their wedding and rock the bikini on their honeymoon, but some people think this might be too much added pressure to the already stressful planning that comes with having a wedding. wedding diet Source Some of you have already seen this, but even if you have, I think it’s worth a thought. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to look your best on your big day, but I also wonder if we are already at our best when we got engaged. Food for thought. Check out The Sweet Life’s post on why she isn’t dieting for her wedding. I found it to be very interesting, inspiring, and powerful. But again, please, do what works best for you! Some people thrive on the challenge. Are you planning on dieting for your big day? What types of advice and ideas do you have for other brides who are looking to drop a few before their wedding?