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donate your flowers


A while back, I visited a nursing home to interview an amazing woman on her 102nd birthday. She had no children and her husband had died about 20 years before, so she was all alone for the most part. But her spirit was lively and her memory lucid, and she always had amazing stories to share.

When I walked in the front lobby, I noticed a man arranging a large amount of flowers in and around the entire facility. There was another man making “special deliveries” to each room with a small bouquet.

It made their day.

I witnessed the reactions of the residents while I was waiting patiently for my guest of honor to meet me, and I turned to the executive director to ask if this was a weekly occurrence. That’s when she told me that a local bride, whose grandmother was too ill to attend her wedding, had all of her wedding flowers donated to the nursing home which she resided.

I thought, wow, what an amazing idea. It doesn’t take much to put a smile on the faces of these lonely people. And even though I was getting a little bit impatient while I was waiting to conduct my interview, I also enjoyed the positive energy these flowers brought.

So, if you haven’t already thought about what to do with those flowers – just remember how happy you’d be making certain people if you took the time to donate them rather than throw them away or try to keep them yourselves. It’s worth the consideration!