I never would have thought to write about cake pops, but I recently received an email from a friend who attended a wedding where there was no cake: just cake pops. She wrote, and I quote:

“I thought it was kind of corny when I heard that’s what they were doing, only because I felt like it was a “trendy-hipster” thing to do. But I was wrong. It was adorable. You might want to think about that if you have a wedding.”

I’ll be honest: I’ve never had a cake pop. I’ve been seeing them everywhere over the past year or two, and I’ve heard they are tasty. The perfect size, in my opinion, for a mid afternoon sweet snack or, of course, a wedding dessert. Ok, they are small so maybe you’d want to serve two per person, like the cute cake pops below.

Wedding-Cake-Pops- bride and groom

They can either be used as the centerpiece or to make the cake itself.

cake ball cake

You can also incorporate your wedding colors with the pops. The colors below are amazing.

peacock colors cake pops

What do you think? Are cake pops too trendy? Or do you think they’re in for the long haul and could become a staple replacement for the traditional wedding cake?