A few weeks ago, a friend of mine passed along this innocent story about how using Pinterest to plan your wedding can be a disaster. I read the story and laughed at how accurately the author nailed it – I use Pinterest for blog ideas and wonder how everything can be so perfect. (Read her story and then come back. I’ll wait.)

Don’t get me wrong, Pinterest is GREAT! I have learned a lot about style, ways to decorate my house, and have made about a million new recipes in the year and a half that I’ve used this wonderful social media platform. But just remember, there’s a story behind every photo you see. That amazing looking centerpiece labeled as a DIY project could have been made by someone with amazing artistic abilities that you – no matter how hard you try – just don’t have.

That perfect cake may have cost a fortune. Same with that amazing wedding dress – that flows perfectly down the back of that gorgeous 6 foot, 125 pound model.

model wedding dress

Oh and don’t even get me started on the rings. I love how this picture shows comparisons between 1, 2, and 3 carat ring sizes…as if you’re going to see that one carat ring and say, “Forget that 3 carat ring, I want the smallest one!”

ring size comparison

Or the perfect engagement stories that are floating around.

scavenger hunt proposal

It’s an awesome story, but it can easily set up false hopes.

And the pictures of the husband reacting to their excitement of the day.

carrying bride smiling

I love my fiancée, but he would never do this. It’s just not his personality, and I wouldn’t think he loved me any less because of that.

The reality of it is that no matter if you’re looking through a magazine, Google searching online, or using Pinterest, you’re always going to need to be cautious. Obviously you have to go somewhere for inspiration, so why not use Pinterest? My point is that you have to be careful not to get caught up in this dream wedding that you’ll never be able to afford and be disappointed when the photo of your husband watching you walk down the isle is not the one you expected. More than likely, I won’t be – and that’s OK. Just as long as you remember that Pinterest is for inspiration and not perfection.

Happy New Year everyone!