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Whenever people ask how long my fiancée and I have been together,  it’s never a surprise that I can answer without missing a beat while he’s always AT LEAST two years off. There are a few reasons why this is funny:

1. He’s an engineer. Amazing with numbers.

2. This is a man who can remember anything – statistics about everything from politics to sports to an argument we had a year ago. Yeah, this always come in handy.

3. He is a die hard Boston Red Sox fan. I am a die hard NY Yankees fan.This will make sense to you in a second. Stay with me here.

I won’t get into too many details, but we met in May of 2004. I will admit it’s much easier for me to remember this since my birthday is in May and our first date was also the same day as one of my high school best friend’s birthday. We met up with her afterward. I would never expect him to remember that, but here is where things come together.

This was the year the Red Sox came back from being 3 games down in the American League Championship Series to not only beat the Yankees, but win their first World Series championship in 86 years. You would think something like that would be a perfect way to relate the year we met.

I saw this ring and I thought it was perfect for not only my future husband, but for anyone else’s future spouse who may or may not have a hard time remembering important dates.

the reminder ring (think geek)

This ring actually reminds your spouse of your anniversary 24 hours ahead of time by warming up to 120* F for about 10 seconds every hour to give the wearer a nice, friendly, warm reminder to get their ass in gear and do something awesome. Pronto.

Read more about it here. I think it’s freaking genius.

wedding date keychain reminder

This could also work, for a more subtle approach.

Have any other ideas? Let us know!