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With Hurricane Sandy just hours away from hitting Virginia, it’s not a far stretch that someone’s wedding might be affected. Whether the big day was set for today, Sunday, or it’s set for next weekend, alternate plans must be made. It’s forecasted to be disastrous enough to cause power outages for days, and travel plans will more than likely be an issue. What should you do?


Ideally you will have purchased insurance. No one in their right mind could ever plan for a hurricane or any kind of major weather issue (or illness for that matter) when you’re planning so far in advance for any kind of event. As much as I love the fall, the weather can be so unpredictable. Trying to push through a storm as powerful as this is just plain dangerous.

If you haven’t thought of it already, look into purchasing a wedding insurance policy. It’s a one time fee that could save you the entire cost of your wedding. Check with your venue to make sure they have polices to accommodate these types of issues. For a storm that’s as strong as Sandy is predicted to be, trying to put up tents and using umbrellas will not work. 

Obviously, rescheduling a wedding is not ideal. I know the amount of planning you’ve put into this day, but your lives (and the lives of your loved ones) are more important. We’re not talking a rinky-dink thunderstorm here. And you know what? If you do change your wedding date and the hurricane ends up being a bust, at least you’ll know that your family and friends are safe because they weren’t trying to bend over backwards to make it to your wedding. 

Hopefully nobody reading this is having to deal with canceling or postponing their wedding due to this storm, but if you are – I wish you the best in trying to deal with the aftermath. Stay safe everyone!