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This will be short and sweet since I have some yard work to do before football start, but you won’t be disappointed.

Yes, I’m a sports fan (die hard) and this wedding topper caught my eye immediately.

inital cake topper

My fiancée is a Boston Red Sox fan, so as soon as I saw this I thought of him. I pulled the photo up and while I was reading the description, he walked by and said, “Are you looking at Red Sox wedding toppers?” Ha, you wish.

Actually, this winery themed wedding topper is made to order by the initial of the parties getting married. I thought it was adorable. If you are a Boston sports fan, however, I don’t see why this wouldn’t work!

Check out some other sports related ideas that go along with a wine theme.

Sports themed wine stoppers:

NYG opener and wine topper


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Sports themed wine glass charms? Yes.

Sports themed wine charm

NY sports wine charms

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Are you and/or your significant other a sports fan? Would you allow sports to be a part of your wedding?