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Ok, on to the confession.

When I was asked to take on this blog, I had mixed emotions. A huge part of me was over the top ecstatic – writing is my passion and I knew I wouldn’t have a problem getting the words out on paper. I am a former journalist, I love wine, and let’s be honest, I’m a professional talker I love to talk. Overall, it wasn’t the writing that made me nervous – it was the wedding part I was scared about.


Because I’ve never planned a wedding before.

I’ve been in my fair share of weddings – from family members (both sisters and two cousins) to my best friends from college – I have been involved in the process from a bridesmaid and maid of honor’s perspective, but never from the view of the bride. I had to help keep everyone happy and in one instance, keep families from literally fighting each other (I’m very good at being a peace keeper) but I know it’s much more difficult being the bride.

Which brings me to the announcement:  I got engaged last month, (yay!) so now this has a whole new meaning. I’m coming to you with a fresh and honest perspective, and I really hope you can enjoy this crazy whirlwind with not just myself, but Winery Weddings in Virginia magazine.

Phew – I feel so much better getting that out in the open! That being said, let’s talk wedding invites.

It’s apparent that winery weddings are getting popular, which is great for those wanting to keep the theme going from start to finish. Check out these awesome winery themed wedding invitations from Etsy:

wedding invites etsy wine bottle 10.14.12

Take a look at this stamp:

wedding invites etsy stamp 10.14.12

I thought this next one was so cute. Not too formal.

wedding invites etsy 10.14.12

For a more formal feel:

wedding invites etsy grapes 10.14.12

This next option is simple and classic. I know it’s a save the date, but it could work for a simple invite.

wedding invites etsy sonoma 10.14.12

These are just a few of the many invites I saw searching through Etsy alone. Take a look through and feel free to let me know what ones you prefer.

Also, are you first time wedding planners or are you reading for other purposes? What kind of challenges have you experienced during the wedding planning process?