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I got an email this morning with the photo below from a friend who is getting married next year. In the email she said, and I quote:

“I saw these and immediately thought of you. However, I would never be able to use these with the friends we have. My poor grandparents would have heart attacks.”

chalk wine bottle

I saw these and almost fell out of my chair. How cute is this? This email led to a two hour goose chase to find where exactly I could find these. Since the Etsy shop these led me to shows they are no longer available, I figured it would still be worth showing – especially since using chalkboard paint is so trendy these days. It would probably be really easy to just buy the paint and do it yourself. I’m assuming if you’re having your wedding at a winery, you drink wine, so you probably have a few bottles in your house right now just waiting to be opened.

Save them.


As the night goes on and the wine flows, I’m sure those messages will become inappropriate (especially if you have friends like mine.) If this is a concern for you, maybe this isn’t a good idea. But I think it would be an awesome way to add a personal touch to your winery wedding.

And if you’re really feeling feisty, make these glasses to go along with the whole chalkboard idea. The site includes an awesome tutorial.

Have you used chalkboard paint? Do you have any tips and advice?