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Engagement parties are not necessary, but honestly – why not? It’s an excuse to spread your joy and excitement!

Often times, the thought of planning one.more.thing is just too much. Sure, it’s early – you just got engaged and probably haven’t even begun discussing the wedding. Overall, you will be planning one of the biggest events of your life, which could take up to two full years to prepare for.

Don’t fret –  Let your friends or close family member plan it for you.

I happen to have a friend who is an overachiever. She enjoys planning and putting things together. It’s like Christmas morning when she hears someone new is engaged.

engagement party invite

No, seriously.

The second she hears “I’m engaged!” she’s pulling out her spreadsheet and opening up her Pintrest page. Luckily, she’s already married so she can plan with experience. And the fact that she actually enjoys this stuff makes it a fun for even the worst of planners.

Taking the pressure off of you and your new fiancée will be a great start to your engagement. After all, you have a winery wedding to plan for right?

she said yes (man with sign)

(That’s what she said)

If you have a friend or family member you can trust, pass the ball on so you can enjoy yourself – and each other – at this special event. Be it at a restaurant or in your backyard, letting someone else fuss over you just this once will be a great idea. (Yes, I do realize people will fuss over you during the bridal shower and bachelorette party, but this is something you will be sharing together before the big day!)

More tips to come!