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The tradition of wearing a bridal veil dates back to the Roman and Greek empires. A thin yellow or red veil symbolized a bride’s purity, and was worn to ward off evil spirits. It was also protection from the groom, since it was bad luck if he saw his bride before the wedding ceremony.

Today, veils are often perceived as traditional, attractive and fashionable. As a modern bride, you have a variety of veil options. You can wear a more traditional chapel or cathedral veil that extends to the floor and beyond. Or you can opt for a fashionably chic birdcage veil with short, stylish lace that only covers your face. There are also medium-length veils that reach your shoulders, elbows or fingertips.

Amanda6 Pamela Lepold

Above Photo Credit: Pamela Lepold Photography


Heather Bee 359

Top Photo Credit: Saskia Paulussen Photography

Bottom Photo Credit: Heather Bee Photography

Aside from the length, consider the layers and edge finishes of a veil. A single layer veil is less formal than a triple layer veil. Likewise, a plain edge is simpler than a scallop or rippled edge. Beads, sequences and ribbons can dress up the edge of a veil.

Of course, you can ditch the veil altogether and wear a flower or jeweled hairpiece instead. If you tend to be more unique than traditional, this might be the look for you. And you don’t have to worry about whether the veil looks better above or below that gorgeous updo.


Above Photo Credit: Saskia Paulussen Photography

Choosing the veil or hairpiece that best fits your personality and style can add the perfect touch to a perfect day.


Above Photo Credit: Saskia Paulussen Photography

A Diamond in the Rough


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Congratulations to all newly engaged couples, and those of you who will become engaged in a day or two! Not only do you have a new name (fiancé, of course), but you’re most likely showing off that new diamond ring sparkling on your left ring finger.

Ring experts believe the shape of a gemstone represents a specific look or style. Here’s a chance to discover your new look as an engaged woman!

Round: circular shaped

The Look: classic


Princess: square shaped

The Look: contemporary


Oval: oval shaped

The Look: classic with a little edge


Pear: teardrop shaped

The Look: multi-faceted


Emerald: rectangular shaped with trimmed corners

The Look: timeless


Many thanks to Louizos, E.L.P. Goldsmiths and Saskia Paulussen Photography.

We want to see photos of your new engagement ring! Email photos to editor@wineryweddingmagazine.com.

DIY Recycled Wine Bottle Light


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Decorating for your wedding doesn’t have to cost a fortune—just a little planning, time, and a whole lot of wine! Here’s one idea on how to turn an empty wine bottle from old glass into wedding class.

lighted wine bottles

Difficulty: Medium
Steps: 7


    • Wine bottle
    • Light string
    • Drill
    • ½” glass-hole cutter drill bit
    • Safety glasses
    • Pam cooking spray
    • Cork (optional)


    1. Wash bottle; remove labels.
    2. Attach ½” glasscutter bit to drill.
    3. Lubricate the drill bit with Pam cooking spray.
    4. Put on safety glasses
    5. Drill a hole on the side of the wine bottle about 1/2-1” up from the base. Drill slowly without putting too much pressure on the glass. This could take 5 or more minutes. If there is a defect in the bottle, it might crack, so be sure to have a few extra bottles on hand.
    6. Wash and dry wine bottle to remove glass shards.
    7. Feed light string through the drilled hole and into the wine bottle.
    8. Optional: Top wine bottle with cork, if desired.

Congratulations to my nephew!



This past week has been hectic at my house with my in-laws visiting to celebrate Thanksgiving. Although most of the week was spent catching up and passing around our 5 month old baby girl, (boy was she spoiled this week!) another very exciting memory was made. My nephew, a marine stationed at Camp Pendleton, proposed to his girlfriend at our house! We are so excited for them both.


She’s got the pose down!

Congratulations to you both, Mike and Sarah. We couldn’t be happier.

Let the planning begin! (I have a few ideas for you … hint, hint)


Winery Weddings expands to the East Coast


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We are excited to announce the expansion of Winery Weddings Magazine.  First published in April 2012 as a Virginia bridal publication, Winery Weddings is a popular, must-have magazine for brides and grooms considering or planning their special day at a vineyard.

With over 16,000 readers throughout Virginia, we quickly recognized the need for a similar publication in other states that promote both viticulture and winery weddings.  As a result, we will soon cover multiple regions on the East Coast, including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina.  We are confident this expansion will increase the visibility of wineries as wedding venues, and boost agritourism revenue in these states.

Our Spring/Summer 2014 issue will align with our expansion plans and be published via digital media channels.  This will increase content exposure by providing a quick, efficient medium that reaches hundreds of thousands of readers from New York to North Carolina.

In January 2014, we will release a new website featuring a discussion board, interactive winery map, winery reviews and a vendor directory. The website will be designed to display on any device, providing the best user experience possible. Keep checking back for updates, and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Surviving the wedding as a single girl (or guy)



I have a good friend who has been single for a very long time. She’s been in and to about 10 weddings in the past five years. She got harassed at most of those weddings about being single, and since one of those weddings was her sister’s, one a cousin, and another a close family friend, she was really feeling the heat.

At first, she said she was really offended and it made her depressed and down on herself. How could it not? The focus went from the bride and groom to her being habitually single. But she said after the third or fourth wedding, she decided to make it a game. These are her tips on beating the single girl wedding day blues.

1. Bring a date of the sex that you are not interested in. Meaning, if you’re gay guy, bring a good girl friend, etc. I am straight, so I started bringing the same close girl friend. I had so much more fun with a girl friend than I ever would have had with a random guy friend (no pressure) and the two of us spent a lot of time cracking jokes about the groom’s goofy brother or the bride’s drunk uncle.

2. Tell crazy stories. I knew I would be a focus of conversation, so I made sure to have a plan of what to say when someone asked about my relationship status. I came up with the most ridiculous stories about having too many cats or liking to lick frozen flag poles. Trust me, it didn’t take long for those single people haters to leave me alone.

3. Find someone to take the focus off of you. This might sound mean, but I actually find other single people to point out that would take the focus off of me. Hopefully they were as prepared as I was. Hey, tough times call for tough measures. In times like these, it’s every man for himself.

4. Seek out the other single people (to make friends with) I actually made friends with a couple of single people at some of these weddings. One of them turned into a date. It didn’t work out, but hey, it made for a much better evening.

5. Have a sense of humor. I realize my humor is somewhat sick and crazy, but it’s what worked for me. And it’s probably why I’m still single…


How about you? What kind of things have you done to survive being the habitual single person at a series of weddings?

Who wouldn’t want to do this?


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I saw this today and I had to share.

brides throwing cats

Go to www.bridesthrowingcats.com and check out their hilarious photos of cats (which are actually Photoshopped) being used instead of bouquets. I loved it. Check out the bride with the short dress all stretched out – she REALLY wants that bouquet cat.

Would you do something like this with your wedding photos?

Splitting the cost of engagement rings


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Hot topic alert! I’m seeing this question pop up everywhere and if I wasn’t dealing with going back to work full time with an infant (she’s four months old now!) I would have jumped all over this when I first heard about it.

Would you be OK with splitting the cost of your engagement ring?

Let me explain something – my husband and I are NOT traditional in many ways. We bought a house first. We eloped. We did not buy an engagement ring – we bought bands and he proposed to me with my mother’s engagement ring. These were our choices. Eventually, I will get the ring I want – but seeing as we’re already married, I will technically be paying for half of it since his money is our money.

I will say that he would not have expected me to, nor would he have wanted me to, pay for any part of the ring if we had done things differently.

However, many people have been voicing their opinions on the topic, saying it’s ridiculous to split the cost of their engagement ring.

As I said, I think every scenario is different.

What do you think?

Wedding Salon Bridal Expo Sept. 9 in DC!


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Guys, I know this is last minute, but if you can, you’ve got to check this out. The Wedding Salon is putting on a bridal expo at 8 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 9 at The Madison – 1177 15th St. NW – and it’s going to be awesome.

wedding hands

According to Danielle Tin, Marketing & PR Manager at The Wedding Salon, said that $75 gets you two tickets and there will be fun and exciting things such as:

  • Honeymoon and other giveaways from participating vendors at their table spaces
  • Awesome goodie bags (first come first serve)
  • Cake tastings by Charm City cakes
  • Multiple bar spaces with cocktails and beverages
  • beauty makeovers
  • A photo booth
  • A harpist
  • Much, much more!

Sign up for tickets here, and please, PLEASE let us know if you go. We would love to hear how your experience was!! Also – two guests are allowed per RSVP so change your plans for tomorrow get your tickets now!